Special Bespoke Flat Cap Bag

Late last year I was commissioned to make a special Flat Cap Bag. A lovely customer asked me to create a bag using her late husband's caps as a special reminder of him.

She especially wanted to be able to take the bag when she walked her dogs, so she would feel he was with her all the time. So the bag needed to be practical enough to carry all the doggy paraphernalia but still look stylish.

One problem I had to overcome was the baseball style back of one of the caps which needed to be filled in order for the bag to work (and not have a large hole in the bottom!). So a thick piece of brown leather was cut to fit and then riveted into place, as it was too thick for me to sew. I also kept the original leather buckle as a nice detail.

Part of the brief was to have the handles in two colours, a brown handle on the navy blue cap and a black handle on the grey cap. The top straps also fasten on each side in matching colours and then a long strap half brown/half black to match. So that the customer could wear the bag either way round and coordinate with whatever she was wearing.

It was such a pleasure to create such a personal bag and I'm pleased to say the customer loves it.

If you are inspired by this and are interested in me creating a bespoke bag for you then please do get in touch. You can email me on: girl@girlwithbeads.co.uk

Reader's Digest Book Cover Design

Bit of a random one but this week I have been admiring Reader's Digest Condensed Book covers!!

I realise these are considered really uncool, but I rather like the geometric designs in gold. I collected loads for our wedding to use as table decorations and they looked great - it fitted the theme as I used lots of book paper for flowers and confetti and in the evening the gold catching the candle light was lovely.

So I decided to make a record of my favourite designs (before they go back to the charity shop!)

These were all designed by Jeffrey Matthews in the 1970's & 80's.