New Years' Resolution - Get Organised!

Happy New Year!

If like me your New Years' Resolution this year is to get organised then check out my new range of Pegboards - the essential craft room storage organiser!

Handmade peg board for organising, storing and displaying all your craft tools.

I have always wanted a peg board to display all my tools, I think it was seeing one in the CDT room at school. 

I searched long and hard to find one readymade in the UK but turns out peg board is not that readily available, although there seems to be plenty in the US. 

So I bought a whole sheet of perforated hardboard and had it cut up so I could make one for myself and a few to hopefully sell.

This image shows a peg board I made for myself and painted an off-white to match the wall of the room.

Check out my pinterest board for more peg board inspiration -

If you are inspired to get your own craft room, kitchen or house organised, you can purchase you very own pegboard from the shop.