This Weeks Top 10 Finds - E17 Designers Special

As a fairly new Walthamstow resident I jumped at the chance to join E17 Designers - a group of like-minded, talented locals who put on several events throughout the year, and after a successful Spring Fair last weekend I thought I'd highlight a few of my favs.

Unboxing Juliana creates handmade colourful lampshades using Brazilian fabrics decorated with buttons.

Little Mashers has a range of children's wear designed to encourage kids to be interested in growing and eating vegetables and cooking. I love this little chefs set.

Felled Light makes unique handcrafted lamps from fallen branches and vintage light shades.

Anja Jane is a print designer and creates gorgeous prints like this Peacock in a Tree.

Vintage Playing Cards specialises in greeting cards, frames and gifts made from and inspired by original vintage games.
D4Discus creates fabulous retro inspired clothes, I love the peter pan collars!

Flowerie88 creates beautiful jewellery, I especially like these bow stud earrings.
Created in the spirit of London's long and disreputable history gin drinking Mother's Ruin produces a range of exquisite fruit liqueurs for sale at Wood St Indoor Market.

Phoebe Eason makes fun prints and greetings cards, like this one.

Frinn makes lovely nature inspired jewellery using recycled materials. I love these Silver Dandelion Studs.